Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Meme: My Reading Wishlist

I participate in two daily memes (Waiting on Wednesday & In My Mailbox), but today is the day where I will start participating in three. I've decided to create my own meme called My Reading Wishlist. My Reading Wishlist is a meme where bloggers highlight the top three books they have on their "to-read" pile. Genius, right? I thought so...

I post Waiting on Wednesday on Wednesday (I mean, that would make sense, wouldn't it?) and In My Mailbox on Sunday, so I will most likely post My Reading Wishlist on... Well, I don't know.

Then there's the whole "button" deal. I made three of them, but have no clue which one I should use. This is where you handy, dandy readers/followers come in. Since I don't know what day My Reading Wishlist should be posted on or what button to use, I need help and all of you get to vote!

Here are your options-

My Reading Wishlist Post Date:
Any day the blogger desires 

My Reading Wishlist Button (all images from WeHeartIt): 



Hopefully, this will turn into something big! But first, I need your help. Please vote via the poll on the side bar & feel free to leave comments/suggestions!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer 2013

Long time, no see! Maybe my disappearance wasn't known or recognized, but the end of my freshman year has been crazy with finals and such. Now, thanks to the fact that it's summertime (finally), I will get back to blogging. I'm more than excited to get back to it, but won't be reviewing the books I read like, two months ago. Hope you guys don't mind.

Now for a little update: I've been keeping my blog on the down-low (friend-wise) up until last month. For English, we had a final demonstrative speech and I chose How To Manage a Blog as my topic. Before then, I thought people would think I was geeky and that blogging was lame, but this year I learned a lot about life & what not and decided to ignore what people thought. I put together a slide show, explained how to set up a blog, brought along some ARCs and signed books and just DID IT. I thought it was the best speech I ever did and I wound up getting an A+ on the demonstrative speech. So, if you're a new blogger who's nervous about your peers knowing about your blog, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's one of your passions- who cares what anyone else thinks? I thank you. (That line would be from Guys & Dolls, the musical my school performed this year. I was in the orchestra. I think it ruined my life.)

Has anyone else felt the way I did before I gave my speech? Let me know by commenting. No need to be shy. (: