Thursday, July 25, 2013

Two Years Old!

My baby, (The Reading Hideaway), is two years old today! Although this year has been slow blogging-wise, I will do my best to post more in the future. This blog has given me many, many opportunities including working/interacting with other bloggers and authors & even improving my writing skills! I cannot thank you readers enough for bearing with me & my lack of posts. You know how life is, sometimes, it gets in the way. To thank you & celebrate The Reading Hideaway's second birthday I have a prize pack to give away! It includes a copy of Soul Fire by Aprille Legacy, a signed copy of Unremembered by Jessica Brody, a signed copy of Being Friends With Boys by Terra Elan McVoy with a sticker, swag (bookmarks & a necklace) from Sarah Tregay (author of Love & Leftovers) & bookmarks from Elizabeth Eulberg (author of The Lonely Hearts Club)! Thank you so much to all of the authors who contributed to put this prize pack together. (:

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  1. I have herd of authors like Jessica Brody, but i haven't read any of the titles listed above. As an avid reader of all things Young Adult, i would like to thank you for this fantastic giveaway! x

  2. I was lucky enough to read Soul Fire while it was being posted as a story on GoodReads and I'm looking forward to reading the final draft...Even the first chapter (which you can read on GoodReads) is remarkably different...There's also a giveaway listed on GoodReads for it so if you don't win here, you can still enter there...


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