Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Review: Soul Inferno

Title: Soul Inferno 
Author: Aprille Legacy 
Publisher: Smashwords Edition 

Synopsis (via Goodreads): War threatens the country. With King Phoenix taking control of the North, Sky heads to the Tsalskinese Empire to treat with the Emperor, hoping to gain his support in the coming conflict. Can Sky negotiate her way through the long standing prejudice against her country and prove herself worthy of the Emperor’s assistance? New aspects of her power and a mysterious Pirate Queen are just a few of the obstacles standing in the way of an alliance. But little does she know, betrayal is only a whisper away... As both the North and the South clash in fiery warfare, Sky has to make the ultimate choice to ensure the reincarnation cycle is broken for good... Even if it means saying goodbye. Soul Inferno is the final instalment in the Soul Trilogy.

Review: "Soul Inferno is the final instalment in the Soul Trilogy." 
That's it.  My life is over.

I don't remember the last time I was so emotionally invested in a book series.  I had just posted my review of Soul Blaze when Aprille messaged me and asked if I wanted a copy of the third book (uh, of course I would like to get my grimy hands on a copy of pure genius).  Right after it came in the mail, I started to read it.  Then, I found myself not having time to read.  Before long I acknowledged the fact that my stress level was through the roof and I needed an escape from reality - hello, books. 

Once I got back into the story, I couldn't stop.  I loved Sky's journey to the Tsalskinese Empire in an attempt to form an alliance.  For some reason, I felt a Mulan vibe coming from that setting.  Even more so from Myrikan, the Emperor, himself.  I swear he looks like this: 
Moving on... The romance between Griffin and Sky was HOT, HOT, HOT.  (Shoutout Aprille for her smooth writing skills - she implied bedroom scenes, but didn't go into detail).  He made me want an attractive soldier to become my boyfriend.  He couldn't be any cuter, except he did try to kill her in the previous book so... kind of awkward? 

This book was packed with deceit, celebration, loss and triumph.  I was thoroughly impressed with the war action scenes.  (This book is 92% war and 8% Tsalskinese Empire by the way).  They kept me on my toes and, to be honest, were super exhilarating.  "I slit a soldier's hamstring and then his throat as he fell with a wail.  As it gurgled in his chest, I turned and stabbed another who'd lost his breastplate, my sword emerging from his back.  I barely had time to breathe before another man flew at me" (397).  That's.  So.  Awesome.  *cue evil laughter*  

My favorite plot twist - because there are multiple that you don't even suspect (aka Jett, Phoenix; just the ending in general) - is Ilsa.  How badass is a pirate queen with elemental powers?!  She tops Eleanora and Sky on my B.A. scale, meaning she's most likely my favorite character of the entire series. 

Which brings me back to how emotionally invested I was in the Soul Trilogy.  (I made so many facial expressions while I was reading this book that I'm sure my peers thought I was going insane).  I usually fail when it comes to completing books series.  For example, I have yet to finish reading the Harry Potter series.  Or the Heist Society series.  Or The Goddess Test series.  Or the Fairytale Retellings.  Or the Cinder Series.  I better get reading... 

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