Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Wonder Woman Will Forever Be My #WCW

I will admit it... I live in a Marvel family.  Captain America, Iron Man, the whole Avengers shebang; however, over spring break I wanted to do something with the broski and we both love trips to the movie theater to check out the latest blockbuster.  So, on the premiere day of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we planned to attend a matinee show.  We weren't expecting much - like I said, we're a Marvel family - but it's impossible to pass up the opportunity to see Ben Affleck as Batman!  Hello.

Anywho, some D.C. fans will be happy to hear that we were pleasantly surprised with the film in the end.  The acting was fantastic all around the board (Jesse Eisenberg gave me chills!), the stunts were thrilling, and the action was nonstop.  The final question is: Team Batman or Team Superman?  I'm Team Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, had a minor role in the film but she easily stole the show.  Her character played a part of hinting at future D.C. films including Aquaman, the Flash, as well as her own standalone movie, after discovering secret files of the hidden superheroes on Lex Luthor's hard drive.  Her character is also a symbol, representing strong, independent women around the world.

If you think about it, Wonder Woman can be seen everywhere.  Her resilient spirit lives in mothers, aunts, older sisters...  The list of possibilities is endless.  She is the perfect ambassador for feminism, but not in an overpowering way despite the fact she's a superhero.

I say this for several reasons:

1. During the final fight scene in Dawn of Justice, she joins forces with Batman and Superman to defeat Lex Luthor's monstrous creation designed to destroy anything and everything in its path.  Wonder Woman utilizes her leadership skills in this scene; not by taking charge of the situation, but by working together with Batman and Superman for the common good.  This is the perfect example of how anyone can be a leader by doing the right thing and working together with a group of unique individuals.
2. In case you weren't aware, Wonder Woman is fearless and somewhat open-minded.  She's purposely in hiding, claiming: "I walked away from man a century ago, because of the horrors of man."  Yet, she abruptly leaves the plane she's boarded on set for an unknown destination just to help Batman and Superman.  That's some faith, trust, and pixie dust right there for ya. 
3. It's only natural for a superhero to be smart.  This is no exception for Wonder Woman.  She knows about Batman and Superman before they know about her; she sneakily follows Bruce around Lex Luthor's place to see what he's up to without him finding out she's doing so until he discovers his flash drive missing; she attempts to hack Luthor's impenetrable drive on her own... Do you get the picture?  Her intelligence comes to no shock as she could easily be the most experienced superhero with her age being 100+ years (although I'm unsure of the ages of the other superheroes, so don't quote me on this).  She's had the opportunity to observe the human race grow and develop, so it's only natural her perception of the world grew and developed with them.
I wish I could've joined Team Wonder Woman earlier, and by earlier, I mean during childhood.  In today's society, more girls need role models like Wonder Woman and less role models like Taylor Swift.  This is why Wonder Woman will forever by my #WCW. 

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  1. Great post and movie review! I too also recently watched the new Batman/Sperman movie and was debating if I should do a review on it, especially since it has been forever since my last blog post, lol.

    However, I saw your blog and it hit every aspect that I wanted to talk about the movie w/out giving away too many spoilers. Granted for those who have not watched the movie yet I would put a little spoiler warning at the begining of your post. The details about WW age, flash drive, and Lex's horrid creations, although great points are sorta in my mind key surprise elements in the movie, though there is much more going on in the film.

    Overall, I loved, loved, loved, #3 of your points! I definetily team WW, she has always been a hero of mine since I was a little girl. Though I will say I am more of a Marvel fan rather than a DC fan, both worlds do have great superhereos and I just love superhereos in general. For the DC fans, yay! it is about time they caught up to Marvels monopoly on Superhereo movies! :)

    So thank you for writing up a great review, I enjoyed it very much!


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