Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elizabeth Eulberg Book Signing

When The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg was first published, my mom told me that the author was from the same small city in Wisconsin that I'm from and she was coming back to town to talk about her book. Did I want to go? Sure, why not. It was an author! So, we went; I got her book; got my copy signed; met Elizabeth Eulberg herself. It was awesome.

Loved that book. It's still one of my favorites. Then, shortly after The Lonely Hearts Club came Prom & Prejudice. Elizabeth Eulberg was coming back to town to talk about her book. Did I want to go? Uh, yeah! So, we went; I got her new book; got my copy signed; met Elizabeth Eulberg herself. Again, pretty awesome.

Finally, I heard about Take A Bow. I had been following Elizabeth on her blog after meeting her twice and wanted to keep up with any books she was writing. Right away, I hoped she would come back to town to talk about her newest novel. And she did. My best friend, Kayleigh, had never met Elizabeth before but was just as big a fan as I was, so I invited her to come with me to the signing. Just a signing would've been fine with me, but Kayleigh's dad heard that Elizabeth was going to have a talk at the high school (Kayleigh and I are still in middle school, almost high school) and asked our principle if we could skip some classes and listen to her talk... It was awesome. Like I said, I would've been fine with just the book signing later on that night but I'm glad we got to go to the high school. My mom had pre-ordered her book this time; got my copy signed (Kayleigh's too); met Elizabeth Eulberg for the third time. And guess what? She knew who I was! I had commented on her blog earlier that week and was talking to her about my In My Mailbox and Waiting on Wednesday post that featured Take A Bow at the signing with all of its positive comments it had gotten and she recognized me!

Let me tell you, having an author recognize you as a blogger is the best thing in the world. I think it took a day for it to sink in. =) Either way, it was still amazing...

Me (in the red sweatshirt), Elizabeth Eulberg, and my best friend Kayleigh

(Photo copyright by D.M.H.)


  1. That looked like it was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. please email me I need your email address to send tour materials


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