Saturday, August 11, 2012

Writing Corner: I'm A Dreamer

Each month, four people in the group, All Things Teen, on Goodreads can post entries of their stories and/or poetry in Writing of the Month. Their entries will then be highlighted on my blog. This week, I am proud to share Innocent Lamb's writing entitled: I'm A Dreamer.

Our world is full,
Of pain and sorrow.
My tears are like the rain,
Forever falling,
Never ending.
I am only one,
One of many.
I’m a dreamer.

No matter how cloudy
The world is,
No matter how much
Blood is spilt,
I’ll always have my dreams.

Where I can return to,
Whenever I wish.
Although they never last,
But they are all I need.

Just one glimpse,
At what might be,
Is all I need.
I am a dreamer,
A leader,
A free thinker.

One day,
No matter how far,
My dreams shall be reality.

We should all be allowed to stand up for what we believe in. No one should have to conform. We are all individuals! We are all different people with different values, different morals and different lives. Help Spread the Message - We are all unique!

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