Saturday, August 18, 2012

Writing Corner: Willing to Forgive a Broken Heart

This week's writing is Willing to Forgive a Broken Heart written by Emily.

She looked around at a regretful ground,
Littered with hearts that were waiting to be found.
They all looked so desperately broken
By words that should have been left unspoken.

She asked, “Why are people left with hearts so hollow?”
She said, “Take a bite of your pride, and then swallow.
Now, stand up straight
And shove aside your fear and your hate.”

She glanced around at a painful ground,
And heard nothing, not even a sound.
No one had even heard her soulful words,
Then she gasped at a heart, shattered in thirds,

And she thought that it had belonged to her
But she decided against it, and her eyes started to blur.
She sighed, “We all have a life to live
And we’re always willing to forgive.”

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