Monday, September 3, 2012

Writing Corner: The Meadow

Writing Corner is a daily post where I highlight aspiring authors' writing. This week's piece is The Meadow written by Irene.

Jewel hilted, blood stained swords abandoned, warriors lay fallen, the air once quiet again; only the pretty birdsong and bubbling creek broke the silence. Silken crisp wings brushed my face as I lay sidelong in the cool spring grass; a wet ruby drop kissed my cheek as I held him to me. He would die soon, too soon for my liking as it left an empty ragged void in my chest that could not be filled. His sea green eyes stared back as I gazed into them, only blinking on occasion.

"Why Adrian, why? Is it because you are such a gentleman to shove yourself in front of me?" I murmured painfully.

The bloody fight replayed over and over in my head like a bad movie, each scene broken and torn. My clear tear drops fell, soaking his green tunic as his strong hand stroked my cheek,

"Apparently it is destiny my dear, I was supposed to be your eternal mate as of the bond but I am dying. Don't shed tears for me, pity the living not the dead. Take care of Samier; he will eventually turn back wild.” brushing my tears away; his warmth pleasantly stinging my skin.

Adrian's animal kin, Samier, lay beside him, whimpering ever so softly from time to time as they shared the awful searing pain. He would slowly drown in his own blood as it crept up his lungs. I felt something inside me break as he kissed me softly and passionately for the last time, exhaling. Samier threw himself across Adrian’s still chest, a lone cry escaping his soft muzzle. Piercing the air like a knife through rock, shattering the serenity of nature it brought sorrow to all who hear.

My own kin, a sleek snow cat cowered beside me; all the sorrow touched her too. She reassuringly nuzzled my side, taking a small piece of my sorrow away. The link only broken by death connected you with a single animal kin and a single one of your own. You shared life, when spilt you were no longer whole. Racking sobs engulfed me as a sharp dagger of pain twisted my heart. Genevieve lay beside me, mewing she felt my pain; her rough tongue licked the tears away. I buried my face in her thick fur, trying to find solace as I gasped for breath.

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